Medical Dermatology Services in Orange County

Going through life while suffering from a wide variety of skin disorders can be extremely challenging and embarrassing. At OC Skin Institute, we remain dedicated to helping patients treat their medical skincare needs. We combine the expertise and passion of our board-certified medical dermatologist with some of the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment available to treat and remedy an array of skin issues and afflictions, including sclerotherapy for spider veins, as well as the diagnosis and removal of moles.

The mission of OC Skin Institute

At the OC Skin Institute, our mission is clear: help improve the lives of our clients by offering unparalleled dermatological and patient care. As part of this mission, we offer thorough consultations designed tolet you get to know our staff, as well as to learn all available treatment methods (and side effects) for your specific medical need.

Our entire staff of professionals is focused on your comfort and well being. We’re led byour Medical Director, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tony Nakhla, D.O., FAOCD, whose book, The Skin Commandments: 10 Rules to Healthy, Beautiful Skin has helped countless people across the country improve their health and appearance.

No matter your medical concern, our dermatology team in Orange County can help

The OC Skin Institute was founded specifically to help address the vast and varied needs of the Orange County population. The term "medical dermatology" encompasses so many potentials, from toenail fungus to cysts, eczema, skin tags and more. Dr. Nakhla and his team have the experience and knowledge to provide you the best possible care to help you improve your health and wellness.

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