Diagnosing and Treating the Symptoms of Psoriasis

Whether you are young or old, psoriasis is a frustrating condition that can be mild or severe. You may not even know that you have psoriasis, but a persistent flushed appearance and flaky skin denotes common symptoms that should be evaluated by a certified dermatologist.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that is marked by red, inflamed skin. It may appear on the face, joints or other areas, based on the disease's severity. There is no cure for psoriasis, but dermatologists have several remedies that help ease the condition.

Potential Causes of Psoriasis

With scientific experimentation, most doctors agree that psoriasis is caused by an overactive immunity system. Patients with severe psoriasis can see their skin flake off quickly, replacing it within four days rather than the normal 30-day time period. It is not contagious, but is possibly passed on through family genetics.

Typical Symptoms

Stress and injury to the skin can encourage psoriasis episodes. Patients with this disease are not constantly flushed and flaky, but go through good and bad days. During a typical psoriasis inflammation period, patients are red, feel extremely itchy and may develop pustules with severe cases. The condition can cover most or all of the body, whereas other patients may only have some isolated patches across their skin.

Treatment Options for Our Orange County Patients

A prominent and popular form of laser treatment for psoriasis is the Pharos Excimer Laser, which uses ultraviolet light to treat this and other skin conditions.

Because psoriasis has approximately five distinct types, a dermatologist must evaluate your particular case to decide on a supportive treatment plan. Mild cases are often controlled with topical ointments, while other moderate conditions need oral medicines.

For severe cases, injectable medicines may be necessary, along with laser and light treatments. Each patient and doctor needs to decide on the best course of action for everyone's satisfaction.

Talk to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tony Nakhla today to understand your options. You should not have to suffer in silence, but free yourself from chronic skin pain with successful treatment.

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