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About this practice

Get on the path to health, beauty and glowing radiance with Dr. Tony Nakhla of the OC Skin Institute in Santa Ana, California. The board-certified dermatologist offers an array of diverse services including cosmetic procedures, skin cancer treatments and medical treatments. If you need a Santa Ana dermatologist who is reliable and can get you the top-notch results you deserve, call Dr. Nakhla's office without delay.

Cosmetic skincare procedures for Santa Ana patients

If you want to revitalize your appearance, you might want to consider Dr. Nakhla's numerous cosmetic procedures. These procedures include dermal fillers, laser hair removal, scar revision, body waxing and eyelid rejuvenation. Whether you want to have younger, fresher looking eyes or soft, smooth, hairless legs, Dr. Nakhla can help you achieve your goals -- and then some.

Santa Ana skin care detection and treatment

Skin cancer treatment is also available at the OC Skin Institute. Dr. Nakhla has an extensive background in the identification and treatment of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is one of Dr. Nakhla's areas of expertise, too. Other skin cancer removal options available at Dr. Nakhla's office include radiation therapy, cryosurgery, prescription creams, curettage and desiccation.

Medical dermatology options we provide for Santa Ana

If you feel self-conscious about your complexion, you do have options. Dr. Nakhla's numerous medical dermatology procedures will have you feeling terrific about your skin in no time. If you're uncomfortable with a persistent rash on your skin, he can take care of it. If you're sick of unsightly moles on your body, no problem. If acne is frustrating you, he can offer assistance. Other skin concerns that Dr. Nakhla can help you with include impetigo, acne scars, psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot, ringworm and hives.

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