Laser Hair Removal for Soft, Hair-Free Skin

Laser hair removal is the answer for many Orange County patients who wish to have smoother, softer and hair-free skin. Tweezing, shaving, depilatories and waxing work to remove unwanted hair, but their results are temporary and short-term. For a longer term solution, laser hair removal is the most effective method.

Good To Know Facts About Laser Hair Removal

It's good to know that these treatments, when performed by professional dermatologists are safe and approved by the FDA. They are an excellent way to see permanent reduction in the amount of hair in places like underarms, on the face or on the back. Even bikini lines can be safely treated.

Beams of highly concentrated light are used to damage or destroy active hair follicles, which has the effect of eliminating unwanted or unsightly hair. Results are more permanent than other hair removal methods, often lasting for several years or longer.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Destroying the hair follicle is the main goal of laser hair removal. This is the most effective method available today for inhibiting future hair growth in the treated area. The hair follicle is treated without any harm to surrounding skin or tissue. Patients love the results they see!

Laser hair removal done properly by board-certified dermatologists is the best way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair growth. With such a safe, comfortable and easy option, many patients today are choosing highly effective laser hair removal.

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