Reviews by our Patients

Below you will find a collection of reviews by our loving patients. Our entire staff strives to deliver the best possible care to everyone who visits our dermatology practices.

  • If I could give Dr. Nakhla 10 stars, I would. He is an incredibly passionate and caring dermatologist, who wants to help his patients in the most effective ways possible. I have been seeing Dr. Nakhla for over five years at his multiple locations, and continue to give him my highest recommendation to all of my family and friends. I continue to be amazed by his compassion and willingness to go above and beyond as our family dermatologist. I can reassure you that Dr. Nakhla has his patients' best interest at heart, and that he will give you the best care no matter what your dermatological needs are. His staff members are also caring, compassionate and complement his practice.

    Bottom line...this is, hands down, just one of the best physicians you could have on your side for your own health and well-being.

  • Being a red-head with a lot of moles, I have been to several dermatologists over the years. I found Dr. Nakhla online and made an appointment for a skin cancer screening. I was greeted by a friendly staff and found the office to be nicely decorated and clean. Dr. Nakhla was very nice and after a comprehensive exam found a mole that needed to be removed. I felt like I was in very capable hands! The area that had to be removed was rather large and the work he did was really good. I am very happy with the results. I will be returning every year for my check ups and highly recommend Dr. Nakhla and OC Skin Institute.

  • He is WONDERFUL!!!! Very caring and does not let you do too much to your face but gradually. I would recommend him to everyone. The staff is very nice and caring and treat you like a friend.

  • I was very happy with everything about my visit and procedure with Dr Nakhla. He is very professional and caring and very knowledgable. Everyone on his staff was equally impressive. I really felt like they really cared about me and the procedure I had done. I would absolutely go back to Dr Nakhla again.

  • I see Dr. Nakhla for Botox and Lana for chemical peels. I started with just treating my forehead but he convinced me to do my crow’s feet. My skin looks absolutely amazing. I used to drive all the way to Beverly Hills to another dermatologist, but no more…

    Rarely do I find an Orange County gem, and when I do, I am so grateful.

  • Excellent patient care and inviting facility! Truly a stress-free experience!

  • Very professional practice. Operation went smoothly and resulting scarring is minimal. Couldn’t be happier with the work.

  • Dr. Tony Nakhla is a great doctor, patience and caring.

  • We as a family are really happy with Dr. Nakhla and his team. They are very thorough and caring. We recommend him with high regards.

  • I have been in the skin care industry as a Medical Aesthetician for over 30 years and make it a practice to refer to my patients and clients reputable physicians in the area. OC skin Institute has a fabulous staff and a wonderful Doctor who really knows his field. I went in as a patient and I was diagnosed promptly, where other physicians did not fully grasp what I had going on with my skin and condition. I have since recommended many of my personal clientele to the OC skin Institute practice. My clients are all over Orange county and I told them about the several offices located throughtout the area where they can set up an appointment. Thank you so much

  • A great dermatology practice. High attention to the finest detail in a very caring office. I had a skin cancer surgically removed from my face and there is no scar at all. I have been there many times and I am completely satisfied.

  • Overall satisfied, but haven’t really obtained the ’cause’ of my skin problem. Temporary fix only.

  • Good atmosphere pervails, prompted by employees. Prompt and efficient service incnt!luding exact diagnosis and precise remedial treatment.

  • I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Nakhla and his team. I came in for a free skin cancer screening and his physician assistant found a suspicious mole. I had an appointment to have it biopsied which was quick and efficient. Everyone was very friendly and professional and I would highly recommend him and his team to a friend.

  • It’s always a treat instead of a treatment to venture into the clinic. …Everything about it is first class, with a very relaxing atmosphere. My needs have been extensive, and have been attended to in a very professional manner. The girls are great!

  • The doctor i had used before retired and his practice was taken over. I went in to have a skin growth checked out. The doctor came in intoduced himself was very polite and professional, looked at told me what it was removed it and said it looked good but when run a lab test to confirm. Quick and simple.

  • Great facility and physician/staff.

  • My first visit to OC Skin Institute was very helpful and pleasant. The doctor provided alot of useful information, and the his assistant and front office staff were wonderful. I appreciated that all prescribed medications were available on site, and I was given the time to have all instructions of usage clarified for me. I have recommended the OC Skin Institute to a family friend.

  • My entire family goes to OC Skin Insitute from facials to routine skin checks. I started going to see Dr. Nakhla because at the age of 30 I had developed rosacea. I was troubled by my skin for weeks not knowing what was happening and in the first visit Dr. Nakhla was able to diagnose me. He prescribed treatment for me and my skin has dramatically improved. I even tried a session of IPL for the redness that my rosacea causes. I was very nervouse, but I am glad I chose to complete the IPL session at OC Skin Insitute. Dr. Nakhla was very careful during the procedure and made sure that I was comfortable during the entire time. The staff at OC Skin Institute are also amazing! Every time I go in, which is about once a month, they are always in a great mood and super friendly. I would recommend Dr. Nakhla to everyone!

  • Helpful and friendly staff. I had something removed from next to my eye that turned out to be a form of skin cancer. The issue was addressed right away. I can barely tell where it was (the scar was so small and faded so nicely). Thank you!

  • Dr. Nakhla was great and I was very satisfied with the procedure. I will be back again. Thanks so much!

  • OC Skin Institute saved my skin. I suffered from regular breakouts, and fortunately, that is a thing of the past. The products recommended to me keep my skin flawless and glowing. I am deeply grateful for the dermatologist team at OC Skin Institute.

  • Dr. Nakhla is very thorough and professional in his practice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know.

  • Dear Dr Nakhla, I’m prepared to be fully open and candid about my case. I came to you with re-occurrent skin cancer from a botched mose with an other MD. The margins and the cancer were in a horrid position for anyone’s face. They extended across my cheek, up & down the side of my nose and almost to my eye lid (the measurement of the open wound was over 15% of the left side of my face) Quite frankly, it has mystified my general practitioner how you were even able to close the wound without a skin graph. Let alone “borrow” tissue and minimize scaring into the natural folds of my face. You work was beyond anything I could have expected and certainly worthy of publication. You are a humble guy and compliments may not hit home. You really did save my face. I will forward to you a close up “after” shot this week. You will undoubtedly be amazed as is everyone that witnessed my healing process. You can use my words and/or my photos in anything that will ever support your practice. It is now impossible to see any scarring or skin damage without the most intense inspection under bright light with magnification. Your patients are blessed to be in your hands!

    With heartfelt respect & gratitude