Skin Cancer Treatment in Orange County - Mohs Surgery

Detecting and treating skin cancer is one of the most important jobs our medical dermatologists can provide to patients throughout Orange County. While we provide the community with many sun safety tips, and procedures to keep their skin healthy, sometimes we still see patients coming in with potentially cancerous, or precancerous moles. As a leader in skin cancer treatment, we remain on the cutting edge of all treatments and procedures, including the highly effective Mohs Surgery.

Skin Cancer Detection in Orange County

It's important to conduct regular self-screenings for new or concerning moles and rashes and to report to your medical dermatologist whenever something doesn't seem or feel right. However, regular checkups by a skin cancer doctor can also help you ensure you're not missing anything.

If something concerning or new does appear, it's important to remain calm and remember that many moles and skin lesions do not necessarily mean you have skin cancer. That's why we provide a thorough skin cancer detection process, which not only features an examination, but also a report of your health history and demographics.

As part of our diagnosis techniques, we perform biopsies, dermoscopy and mole mapping, and prescribe to the ABCDE guide to skin cancer detection.

It's important to be able to discern between cancerous moles and precancerous skin lesions, such as actinic keratosis, atypical fibroxanthoma, atypical moles and melanoma-in-situ. Our skin cancer specialists in Orange County have the expertise and tools to detect and diagnose your specific affliction.

Skin Cancer Removal, including Mohs surgery

Often times our medical dermatologists will suggest the removal of a mole for biopsy. Again, this is not a sign of skin cancer, but a necessary step to determine what, if any, steps should be taken next. It is possible that our certified skin cancer surgeons will need to perform skin cancer removal and Mohs surgery. While Mohs Surgery is quite effective for many types of cancer and patients, sometimes it's not the best option, which is why we offer other methods of removal of skin cancer and precancerous treatment, including:

Skin Cancer Prevention Advice by Certified Dermatologists

At the OC Skin Institute, we're committed to not only helping patients fight skin cancer but to help prevent skin cancer throughout Orange County. Our skin cancer specialists provide support, training and more to help our patients with:

Find the support you need for all of your skin cancer concerns in Orange County

From our expertise in Mohs surgery to our ongoing support of skin cancer prevention tips and advice, OC Skin Institute is your most reputable source for skin cancer support, detection, and removal. We have various locations throughout Orange County from which we provide skin cancer detection and treatment. Contact us today to set up a consultation and to see how we can help you in your unique situation.

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