Using sophisticated advances in mole mapping to diagnose skin cancer in OC patients

Mole mapping is used to describe several diagnostic and treatment methods used by medical dermatologists. This includes:

  1. Marking spots on a cartoon drawing of the body to show the position of concerning skin lesions and moles
  2. The use of print (or digital) photographs to assess changes in lesions and moles throughout the body

OC Skin Institute and digital mole mapping

At OC Skin Institute, we use the most advanced skin cancer diagnosis techniques, so that we can provide our patients with the most complete care and support. As such, we instill the use of digital mole mapping, which allows us to provide the following for our Orange County patients:

  1. Risk evaluation
  2. Patient education (including sun protection and skin cancer prevention)
  3. Evaluation of high-res images by a certified skin care dermatologist
  4. Follow-up mole mapping appointments
  5. Copies of the images to enable self-examination

Who best benefits from mole mapping?

Mole mapping is certainly an effective way for most of our Orange County patients to monitor the health of their skin. However, it’s most useful for patients who:

  1. Have more than 50 moles
  2. Have a previous history of melanoma
  3. Who have concern about the changes in moles or freckles
  4. Who have moles on their back, as these are difficult to self examine

Mole mapping has many advantages, including providing your skin cancer dermatologist with a record of your current moles and lesions. It also provides you early access to expert evaluation, which is why mole mapping is such an effective way to diagnose melanoma in its earlier stages, such as Melanoma-in-Situ.

To learn more about our mole mapping diagnosis methods, or to schedule a consultation, contact us at any one of our Orange County dermatology offices.

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