Diagnosis and Removal of Moles & Warts

The board certified dermatologists and experts at OC Skin Institute help patients of all ages in Orange County in the diagnosis and removal of moles, skin tags and warts.  We have locations in Santa Ana and San Clemente, each staffed with highly respected skin doctors specially trained to assist you with your dermatology needs.

The difference between benign warts and tags, and potentially cancerous moles

Most skin lesions such as skin tags and warts are benign. Yet, regardless of their little effect on one’s health, we notice that many of our Orange County patients simply want them removed for comfort or cosmetic purposes. And while skin tags and warts are benign, moles are occasionally cancerous or precancerous, requiring medical treatment.

The majority of moles are non-cancerous, however, individuals with certain risk factors or abnormal moles should always pay close attention to the size and type of moles on their body, as well as any changes that result over time. Melanoma, the most fatal type of skin cancer, has been found in particular types of moles such as those greater than 20 centimeters in size, or in particularly dark moles with irregular borders.

OC Skin Institute encourages you to regularly self-examine your skin and visit our dermatologic experts in either Santa Ana or San Clemente, for regular annual skin cancer screenings, particularly if you have moles in one of these high-risk categories:

  • Congenital Moles: large, dark moles present since birth.
  • Numerous moles: 50 to 100 “acquired” moles, or moles developed after birth
  • Atypical Moles: moles that are larger than a pencil eraser or unevenly-colored, with a mixture of pink, tan, purple and red (see the ABCDE Guide for Skin Cancer Detection)

Knowing the difference between warts, skin tags, and moles will significantly impact your next course of action. Request a consultation today with one of our OC-based board-certified dermatologists. 

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