Skin Tag Diagnosis and Removal in Orange County

Our dermatologist and experts at OC Skin Institute help patients of all ages in Orange County at our offices located in Santa Ana and San Clemente in the diagnosis and removal of moles, skin tags and warts.  Most skin lesions such as skin tags and warts are benign and patients simply want them removed for comfort or cosmetic purposes. Some moles, on the other hand, can potentially be cancerous or precancerous, requiring medical treatment.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions that are usually developed as patients grow older or as a result of repeated rubbing or irritation on areas such as the neck, eyelids, groin or armpits.  These soft, brown or flesh-colored flaps of skin are usually no larger than the tip of a pencil eraser, but can potentially become twisted or inflamed from constant friction.

Skin tag removal by one of our qualified physicians is simple and can be performed right in our Orange County dermatology office. Depending on the size and location, we will first numb the area with lidocaine, burn off the skin tag with a medical cautery device, freeze it with liquid nitrogen, or simply incise it with a scalpel or sterile medical scissors.

Does skin tag removal hurt?

For the most part, there is little to no discomfort with this procedure, particularly if we use a numbing agent prior to the removal. However, patients can, at times, experience some discomfort with the removal of skin tags, but nothing significant nor long lasting. It depends, primarily, on the method of skin tag removal we decide on, and the location of the tag itself.

Our mission is to help you look and feel your best, while experience minimal discomfort. We’ll discuss all of your options prior to committing to one specific treatment method.

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