Wart Removal and Treatment by Certified Derma-tologists


Warts are non-cancerous skin growths that are caused by a viral infection of the skin’s top layer.  How does a person get warts? Some people acquire warts in the moist environment of a pool or locker room, while people with a weak or immature immune system, such as children and young adults, may be more prone to a wart virus infection. 

Contracting wart viruses is easier on broken or damaged skin, such as in the case of genital warts, vaginal warts, or HPV warts.

Types of warts our certified dermatologists treat

  • Common or “seed” warts occur usually on hands or fingers where the skin has been broken. The blood vessels produce black dots on the skin that look like seeds
  • Plantar warts (or mosaic warts, if seen in clusters) are usually on the soles of the feet and become hard, flat and uncomfortable due to pressure caused by walking.
  • Flat warts are smooth, small and occur in large numbers on either the face (for men) or legs (for women), most likely caused by irritation from shaving.

OC Skin Institute treats and removes warts through a variety of methods, depending on the age of the patient including freezing, removal via scalpel, or topical medications applied either in-office or at home.

Genital Warts

Caused primarily by one of 70 different types of HPV (human papillomavirus), genital warts can be treated by either freezing with liquid nitrogen, burning with acetic acid, or using a prescription cream in the privacy of your home.  In some instances where warts are especially large or do not respond to other forms of treatment, we may utilize laser treatments or simple surgical removal.

As with all procedures performed by OC Skin Institute physicians and staff, we treat and remove genital warts discretely, with the utmost professionalism and strict confidence.

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