Treating skin cancer painlessly with electronic brachytherapy, performed by a dermatologist

Electronic brachytherapy is a painless radiation treatment for skin cancer. It is performed in a dermatologist's office, under the guidance of a trained and certified skin cancer doctor. The regimen of treatment is variable and depends on the location, size and depth of the tumor.

Before treatment begins, the dermatologist will develop a tailored treatment plan. All patients are protected by a shielding system that limits radiation exposure to the cancerous tissue. The treatment schedule is twice per week, for a few minutes each time. Patients can drive themselves back home or work and immediately resume activities.

Radiation Versus Surgery - Know Your Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Radiation treatment is an excellent alternative to surgery because it does not require cutting the skin, using needles or having stitches afterward. Optimization of treatment presents a satisfying cosmetic result. However, aggressive skin cancers found in young patients are better treated through surgical means.

Who is a Candidate for Electronic Brachytherapy?

Skin cancer can be treated in a number of ways, which gives patients a wide range of choice for their preferences. Aspects that need to be considered include the comfort level of the treatment, how much pain will have to be endured, how long the recovery time will be, how effective the treatment will be, and how the treated area will look afterward.

How Do I Know When Brachytherapy Is The Right Choice For Me?

Electronic brachytherapy is the right choice for you:

  • When looking for a non-invasive and painless treatment.
  • When the tumor is located in a cosmetically sensitive area and scarring must be minimized, such as with the ear, nose or face.
  • When surgery is not possible due to medication or other health concerns.
  • When structures, like the hand and ear, must be preserved
  • When additional treatment is required after an aggressive cancer has been removed through surgery.
  • When there is a need to keep the cancer from returning.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect Following My Skin Cancer Treatment in Orange County?

Over time, brachytherapy has proven to be an effective treatment for skin cancer in its earliest stages. The combination of fewer side effects and a positive cosmetic outcome make electronic brachytherapy an excellent choice for cancer patients.

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