Allergy Testing Performed by Certified Dermatologists

Itchy? The physicians and experts at OC Skin Institute have extensive training in allergy testing, rashes and other diseases in order to identify the problem and help you feel comfortable again.

Our allergy testing services in Orange County help solve the mystery of why you’re experiencing skin rashes and irritation by using a combination of tests on your skin to check for various reactions:

When checking for various skin allergies, dermatitis or eczema, we utilize a skin patch test in which we place the most common skin allergens on individual pads and tape them to your skin for 24 to 72 hours. The tape is then removed and the skin examined. A positive response occurs when a small rash devel-ops immediately over the allergen which your skin is allergic to. This allergen is identified and the pa-tient is able to avoid all products which contain it as an ingredient, thereby preventing chronic skin rashes and itching.

Why do skin rashes and allergies occur?

Since your skin serves as a barrier between the outside environment and the inside of your body, a rash may indicate that a breakdown of that barrier has occurred which may cause an outbreak of bumps or scaly patches on your skin. Rashes and similar allergic reactions frequently accompany each other and can be caused by a number of triggers such as bacteria or fungus, sensitivity to foods or medications, or even an internal organ disease. Usually, though, rashes are only minor problems and can be treated at home; however in situations where a rash lasts for a number of days, is accompanied by fever or chills, or the skin becomes extremely irritated or blistered, prompt medical care may be needed.

OC Skin Institute is dedicated to not only determining the cause of your skin rashes or allergies, but also to effective treatment and immediate relief of the discomfort caused by these ailments. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment, our team of dedicated dermatologic experts looks for-ward to helping you solve the mystery behind your itch.

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