Hives - an Affliction Suffered by Millions

Each year, millions of people are plagued by hives. Although hives is not a life-threatening skin ailment, it is still very frustrating nonetheless. In some instances, the itchy skin prompts some people to scratch their skin the entire day. Unfortunately, the persistent starching only worsens the condition of the skin. Due to the visual appearance of the unsightly red bumps, some people choose to cover up that particular area of the body.

What causes hives?

The cause of hives, also known as urticaria, varies from one person to the next. Some of the foods that are known to cause hives include peanuts, eggs, onions, strawberries, shellfish, tomatoes, milk, and chocolate. Certain food additives such as citric acid and benzoates can also trigger hives. Various medi-cations such as aspirin and penicillin can also provoke the occurrence of hives. It is also important to point out that natural elements like the sun, temperature and even exercise can cause hives to occur.

Treatment for the symptoms of hives

Although the effected person has the option to treat their own hives condition, enlisting the help of a board-certified dermatologist is the best option. Not only will a dermatologist be able to diagnose the root cause of hives, they will also be able to provide effective treatment options. Some of the availa-ble treatments include steroids, antihistamines, and cold compresses. In some cases, the client will be instructed on how to avoid certain triggers. If the dermatologist has reason to believe that their hives is being caused by an underlying illness, further testing may be recommended.

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