Cyst Removal by Certified Dermatologists in Orange County

Although a block in the lining of a hair follicle does not sound like it can present any noticeable compli-cations that will be visibly present on the skin, it can actually lead to the formation of a cyst. This type of skin condition appears as a small lump beneath the surface of the skin. The lump is the result of the presence of a small sac that can become filled with solid materials from the body, air, or fluids. As more material accumulates, the area begins to swell which often leads to discomfort and discoloration. The material that accumulates can also potentially leak out on to the skin's surface. On occasion, a cyst can become infected or grow to the point that it resembles a boil. When a cyst reaches this level of seri-ousness, it is wise to seek out a consultation with an experienced dermatologist in order to determine whether or not it should be excised.

The process of removing a cyst

Dermatologists will often recommend removing the cyst using a quick and simple surgical procedure. If the cyst has reached the point that it has become infected, the doctor may also recommend the use of antibiotics as well. The actual procedure is fast and painless. Patients are typically given anesthesia be-fore the doctor makes a tiny incision to allow for removal. Should the cyst be small, they can also be cleared up using minor injections. Sebaceous cysts are the most common candidates for removal. However, a dermatologist might also perform a biopsy to rule out the possibility of other, more serious conditions.

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