Athlete’s Foot - Causes and Treatment Options

If you have ever found yourself chronically scratching between your toes, you may have athlete's foot, otherwise known as tinea pedis. This common skin ailment is easily diagnosed, treated and even pre-vented with diligent attention to your daily habits. A board-certified and trained dermatologist can help you avoid this irritating condition.

What is athlete's foot?

Tinea pedis is actually a natural fungus found on your skin. When the conditions are right, this fungus grows out of control, causing an itchy sensation. Although most athlete's foot conditions occur on the foot, it can be spread by your scratching behavior, most notably to the underarms and genitals.

Common symptoms of athlete’s foot

Red, scaly skin between the toes is one of the most common symptoms of tinea pedis. The skin may appear inflamed and blisters may form. It’s best to allow a trained dermatologist determine if you truly have athlete's foot, however, as many of the condition's common symptoms are also shared with oth-er ailments, including psoriasis.

Possible causes

Knowing some of the potential causes of athlete’s foot could help you prevent a flair up. Wearing tight shoes and socks contributes to fungal growth, along with wet conditions. Wet feet or wet socks pro-vide the warmth and moisture necessary for excessive fungi growth. You can also catch athlete’s foot by walking barefoot in public changing areas, such as locker rooms and gyms.

Treatment options available in our Orange County offices

For mild to moderate conditions, dermatologists often prescribe ointments to treat the fungus. Severe infections, such as toenail issues, typically require an oral medicine to fully treat the area. Powders can also be prescribed to keep the foot area dry during the day. Depending on your specific case, your dermatologist will offer you an array of potential treatment options. Contact us in any of our offices located throughout Orange County to meet with one of our board-certified dermatologists, who can diagnose and treat whatever ailment seems to be bothering you.

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