Hair Loss Treatment Options for Patients in Orange County

Alopecia, which is popularly referred to as hair loss, affects millions of people from around the globe. Virtually anyone is susceptible to baldness at some point in their life. The cause of baldness includes hereditary factors, medications, and underlying medical conditions. Hair loss can even be caused by the chemicals in certain hair products. Although hair loss is completely harmless, many people feel that it distracts from their physical appearance.

Combat alopecia under the guidance of a certified dermatologist

In an effort to conceal their hair loss, some people opt to wear hats and wigs on a daily basis. Although these actions may increase a person’s level of confidence, they still maintain the desire to have their hair loss restored. For people who would like to treat their hair loss, the best approach is to schedule an appointment with an experienced dermatologist. During the visit, the dermatologist will examine your hair loss to rule out an underlying medical condition. Both men and women who experience baldness are encouraged to get a professional evaluation.

Most dermatologists will give the client a detailed explanation of the available hair loss treatments. Any questions or concerns will also be addressed during the visit. There are several available treatments including surgical procedures and various medications.

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