Acne & Acne Scar Treatment Options in OC

Why do I have acne?

Severe acne can damage a person’s quality of life and self esteem, so the certified dermatologists at our three Orange County locations take special care in addressing this all-important area of treatment.

There are many causes of acne, but the primary culprits are:

  • Overactive oil glands that are stimulated by stress and hormones
  • Blocked pores
  • Skin bacteria
  • Inflammation on and below the skin surface

Although teenagers are most commonly affected due to their high hormonal activity, genetics can also play a role in terms of production of oil by the skin glands.

Can acne be treated?

Despite many claims to the contrary, virtually all acne can be treated, and the board certified dermatologists of OC Skin Institute are experts in treating patients of all ages in the Santa Ana and Orange County areas. Depending on your skin’s level of dryness, we may prescribe special cleansers along with creams, lotions, foams or gels with strong levels of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You may also find success in your acne treatment by taking specific oral medications, antibiotics, therapeutic hormones, or Accutane.  Every patient responds differently, and sometimes it takes trying a few different acne treatments to find the best one for your skin.

Treatment for Acne Scars

Why might you have acne scars? If your acne went untreated in the past, you may have been left with hypertrophic scars (raised, hard areas of the skin), pits or pock marks. As a full-service skincare facility, OC Skin Institute is pleased to help restore your skin to its former smooth, glowing, healthy look using:

We also offer saline injections for acne scars to restore volume and smoothen the contour of your skin. Saline injections are a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment with no downtime and immediate results.

Before & After Gallery

Real patients. Real results.
Case Study #1

Treatment: Isotretinoin therapy, intralesional cortisone injections, glycolic acid peels.

Case Study #2

Treatment: Isotretinoin therapy, saline injections, Fractional CO2 resurfacing.

Case Study #3

Treatment: Isotretinoin therapy, saline injections, DermaSweep.

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