Facial Redness

Redness on the face is a common condition most commonly caused by rosacea. However, not all homemade and store-bought products are guaranteed to bring results. That is why only dermatologists possess the right tools to treat rosacea effectively. Anyone with chronic facial redness learn more about their problem and the solutions available.

What is Redness on the Face?

Redness on the face is a skin condition caused by an irritation or inflammation like sunburns, diseases like rosacea or allergic reactions. It may or may not include itching, flaking, bumps and burning. For some people, the redness is painful if they want to wear makeup and skin creams.

What Treatments Are Available?

Fortunately, a dermatologist has access to many different treatments for facial redness. There are topical prescription medications, creams and gels that can be applied onto the skin easily. In these medications, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients are included to remove the agents that cause redness and irritation.

Another option is the use of intense pulsed light treatment (IPL) that gets rid of acne, scars, freckles and redness. This non-invasive procedure involves using high pulse lasers directly onto the affected skin. The results are safe and effective with minimal side effects. IPL is designed to penetrate the blood vessels safely and stimulate new growth of collagen in the skin. Only a dermatologist can choose the right laser to use and the number of sessions needed. Patients are encouraged to avoid going out in the sun and apply soothing treatments to decrease skin sensitivity.

Redness on the skin is unsightly for most afflicted people. They try to cover up their reddened cheeks or forehead with makeups, but realize that those solutions are temporary. Some people feel burning sensations whenever they apply lotion or makeup, making the condition unbearable. A more permanent solution to this redness is provided by a dermatologist. There are prescription medicines and laser treatments that are more likely to give long-lasting effects. Fortunately, relief is right around the corner for anyone who deals with unsightly redness.

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