Enhance Your Facial Features With Sculptra

Sculptra is an injected form of synthetic lactic acid (poly-L-lactic acid) that dermatologists use to create improved fullness in wrinkled or hollowed out areas of the face, including the cheeks and around the eyes. Sculptra also assists patients who suffer from bone loss due to aging, undesirable genetic contours, and various facial asymmetries.

How does Sculptra work?

The Sculptra injection causes the body to create more collagen. This leads to the correction of the visible signs of facial fat-loss (lipoatrophy) that many people attribute to the aging process. Sculptra restores softness and suppleness often associated with younger and healthier skin.

How does a dermatologist administer the injection?

Generally, our certified dermatologists will administer Sculptra by injection in their office, located in Orange County. The number of treatments required is based on patient goals and individual facial characteristics and contours. Three to six treatments are common. Sculptra requires four weeks to create enough new collagen for results to be visible.

Is Sculptra safe?

Yes, the primary component of Sculptra, poly-L-lactic acid, is both biocompatible and biodegradable, and it has been used for many years in dissolving stitches, soft-tissue implants, and other medical applications. Worldwide, over 150,000 patients have benefited from Sculptra.

What are the side-effects like?

In terms of side-effects and other considerations, the injections are well-tolerated and generally are not considered to be very painful. Redness and swelling are common at the injection site, but temporary. Bruising is rare, but if present, should clear up after a week or less.

What are the results from Sculptra injections?

Patients who come to our Orange County offices will gradually find that their natural facial collagen levels are being stimulated and restored to greater fullness and volume and that fine lines and wrinkles are diminishing or disappearing. Their skin will look and feel much younger. Results are long-lasting; however, some patients may require touch up treatments to maintain optimal facial fullness.

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