Sculptra: A Non-Invasive Solution to Collagen Loss

Sculptra is a facial filler that is injected into the skin by a board-certified dermatologist. This product is beneficial to many of our clients seeking a cosmetic enhancement to their facial lines, wrinkles and sunken areas of the face. Sculptra is a unique facial filler in that it promotes natural collagen production in the skin after its application. It also allows for facial contouring and enhancement of features like the cheeks and chin by filling in hollow areas of the face which have lost volume with time.

More Reasons Why Sculptra is a Popular Choice for Patients

Sculptra can treat smile lines, wrinkle lines, around the nose and mouth as well as the chin. This soft tissue filler is FDA approved. It is also injected into the dermis- known as the second layer of skin. Since this is a non-surgical injectable, it is less invasive than plastic surgery such as a facelift or facial implant which would require recovery, pain medication and downtime.