Benefits of Laser Treatments like Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulsed light rejuvenation therapy is a laser treatment. At OC skin Institute, we offer IPL laser treatments which most prominently treat the face. With it, our patients are able to achieve their cosmetic and aesthetic goals. For example, IPL laser treatments help reduce redness, sunspots, rosacea, skin discoloration and other skin concerns. After the procedure, there may be residual flaking of the skin, but that is only temporary. Many patients see a healthier and more vibrant and even skin tone within days after the treatment. IPL therapy can also treat unwanted veins, minimize the look of pores and help improve the appearance of wrinkles. At times, our patients opt to utilize the IPL laser on the hands as a hand rejuvenation treatment.

Our team of medical dermatologists are board-certified and can give you an evaluation and assessment of the ways in which you may benefit from IPL laser treatment. Click here to see our real life work and the cosmetic results we can achieve for our patients. After discussing skin concerns and aesthetic goals with one of our team members, you may then be able to make a decision regarding the best course of treatment for you.