Dr. Tony Nakhla is a Reputable Cosmetic Dermatologist & Skin Cancer Surgeon

Dr. Tony Nakhla is a board-certified skin dermatologist and can help treat a variety of skin concerns and skin issues that are unwanted. His team can help you treat and diagnose any concerns you have for abnormal growths and potential skin cancers. For example, if you have a new mole that has developed, you should have a dermatologist inspect and evaluate it to see if it is benign or malignant. If there a risk, upon recommendation, the mole will be removed. Mole mapping is a beneficial tool for patients with numerous moles that need to be kept track of.

If you struggle with rosacea, redness, pigmentation, sun damage, sun spots, unwanted veins, there are cosmetic treatments that can target each of those concerns, including laser, therapy, chemical, peels, facials, and more. We also treat spider veins with sclerotherapy or Intense Pulsed Light laser.

Aside from all the cosmetic treatments we offer for various skin concerns or conditions, we also offer medical dermatology treatments which are medically necessary for conditions such as fungus, alopecia, warts, cellulitis, athlete’s foot, hives, shingles, ringworm and other worrisome conditions that must be addressed immediately. Skin cancer detection, diagnosis and treatments are also routinely performed at our practice at OC Skin Institute. For all of your skin care needs, look no further than at OC Skin Institute which is led by the most experienced and professional leaders in dermatology.