Radiesse Dermal Injection Fillers for Facial Wrinkles

Radiesse dermal injections are designed to treat moderate to deep facial wrinkles. If you suffer from creases or folds around the mouth or eyes, you may want to correct your facial features with Radiesse. Any problematic facial features may benefit from dermal injections or a dermal filler. Here's what you can expect if you decide to have these injections:

Administering the Dermal Injections

Your dermatologist will administer several tiny injections of Radiesse into the areas that need to be alleviated of creases, deep lines, or wrinkles. The dermatologist typically numbs the area with an anesthetic cream or a cold pack to minimize discomfort.

Minimal Recovery Time

With these injections, there is little downtime. Most people schedule the procedure for lunch and return to work immediately after the procedure is over. Moderate to severe frown lines can be corrected with Radiesse within a few days. Over the month, the treatments become more effective. One single treatment can last up to a year.

See a Board-Certified Dermatologist for your Radiesse Dermal Injections

When you're ready to resume your youthful appearance, you can contact your dermatologist, and they can administer the treatment. The treatments will help you restore your appearance for a nominal cost. Contact our office in Orange County today to get your Radiesse dermal filler.

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