Scar Revision Treatment for Patients Throughout Orange County

Scars are a lingering reminder of some type of skin trauma, whether from acne, injury, or surgery. Scars can make you feel self-conscious and can even be embarrassing. Scars can be difficult to get rid of without professional treatment. Home remedies and over the counter scar treatments to reduce the appearance of scars can be ineffective and leave some people disappointed. More effective solutions for scar revision can be found through a certified dermatologist.

Your treatment options for scar removal

Dermatologists offer several treatment options for scar revision to leave skin smooth, with less noticeable scars. Fractional CO2 resurfacing, reexcision, dermabrasion, and Intense Pulsed Light treatment are some effective treatments for reducing scarring.

  • Fractional CO2 resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment using a carbon dioxide laser to resurface and smooth skin. The skin is treated in tiny portions that are spaced out, surrounded by small pockets of untreated skin. This allows an easier recovery time.
  • Some types of scars may benefit from reexcision, which is a surgical process to remove scar tissue and replace it with a clean surgical incision.
  • Intense Pulsed Light treatment uses energy from intense pulses of a specific wavelength of light to target a particular area of skin. This non-invasive treatment leaves skin with a more even tone. Intense Pulsed Light treatment requires minimal downtime for recovery.
  • Dermabrasion involves the surgical scraping of skin to smooth the surface and even out imperfections. This process removes deeper layers of skin to improve the look of scarred skin.

There's no need to walk around with a scar, which can be embarrassing and bothersome. Seek out a qualified, board-certified dermatologist for a solution to reduce the appearance of scars. To find out more about scar revision treatments and which option is best for you, speak to a dermatologist at the OC Skin Institute.

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