Dark Circles Around Eyes

When most people think of dark circles, they automatically picture restless nights of getting little to no sleep. While that definitely can contribute to this condition, dark circles stem from more than that. In fact, dark circles are often the result of shadows created due to puffy eyelids or hollows found deep under the eyes which come with aging. Typically, dark circles under eyes are not a serious medical condition, as both men and women suffer from it. It's caused when the skin loses collagen and therefore becomes thinner. When that happens, the blood vessels underneath the eyes look darker, giving that whole area a different tint. Stress and fatigue can make dark circles more apparent.

Some of the more common causes of dark circles include allergies, heredity, rubbing the eyes, exposure to the sun, eczema and pigmentation irregularities. Most dermatologists will tell you, though, that dark circles are a common nuisance for patients. That's because they have a way of making a person look more tired than they are. Individuals with this condition appear extremely fatigued, when that is not always the case. Dark circles are also nuisance because they're known to give a person an overall aged appearance. No one wants to look older than they are, so this can be frustrating for those who have dark circles.

Some treatment options used to get rid of dark circles include Juvederm, Sculptra, prescription topical medication, and chemical peels. For those that don't know, Juvederm is a filler used by dermatologists that is injected into the face to soften deep folds, as well as get rid of wrinkles. Sculptra is another dermal filler that works to bring volume to areas where individuals have lost facial fat. Prescription topical medication are creams placed directly onto the dark circles by dermatologists. These creams often include bleaching agents to lighten the skin and reduce dark circles that derive from hyper-pigmentation. Chemical peels work very similar to prescription topical medication as they rejuvenate the skin located around the eyes by exfoliating the upper layer of the skin. When dermatologists perform this procedure, individuals are left with healthier skin and reduced dark circles

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