Body Waxing

Achieve a life of hair-free, smooth and silky skin with body waxing.

Body Waxing for Smooth and Silky Skin

As your head-to-toe skincare center, OC Skin Institute’s body waxing services ensure long periods of hair free, smooth and silky skin that makes you feel more attractive and confident. Our certified and highly trained aestheticians  are among the best in Orange County, and will provide you with an outstanding waxing experience in our professional and comfortable environment.

Unlike other hair removing techniques like shaving or creams, waxing does not negatively affect your skin. In fact, the depilatory action of removing unwanted hair actually removes dead cells at the same time, leaving a fresh layer of rejuvenated skin to accompanying the attractive, hair-free look.

How we help you achieve smooth and silky skin

  • First, we prepare your skin with a relaxing, calming cleanser.
  • Next, we protect your skin with a gentle formulation that helps prevent redness and irritation while helping make the procedure more comfortable.
  • We’ll apply and remove warm beeswax in quick, trained motions that leave behind beautifully smooth, hair free skin.
  • After the procedure we apply a soothing toner that not only soothes and revives your skin, but also prevents ingrown hairs and breakouts.

What is body waxing?

Waxing is a procedure that removes the hair shaft from beneath the skin surface, making it the longest lasting temporary methods for hair removal. Depending on the area(s) waxed, hair color and thickness, you can look forward to results lasting from three to eight weeks. As regular and repeated waxing will gradually decrease your hair growth, you may gradually observe sparse growth and eventual complete ceasing of hair in frequently waxed areas of your body.

Female clients take advantage of waxing for their bikini lines, eyebrows, lips, chins, arms and legs – any place on your body where you no longer want to shave, pluck or use messy hair removal creams. Waxing isn’t just for women, though, as we see many male clients in our Orange County offices also seeking the benefit of waxing’s long-term results for their ears nose, eyebrows, hands, neck and back.

The length of time required for body waxing services varies between just fifteen and 60 minutes, so it’s easy for you to make time in your busy day to start living a hair free life! We serve all of Orange County from our two locations in Santa Ana and San Clemente. Call us today and schedule your appointment.