Patient Demonstrations

Watch Demonstrations of Treatments on Actual Patients

You can watch Dr. Tony Nakhla provide a variety of different cosmetic treatments to a actual patients.

  • Juvéderm for the Treatment of Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes

    A 29 year old female is predisposed to a loss of fat in the tear trough area which cause dark circles under her eyes. Dr. Nakhla utilizes Juvéderm to plump up the area.

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  • Facial Rejuvenation using Sculptra

    A 43 year old woman has lost a lot of fat in her face due to heavy exercising and Dr. Nakhla will use Sculptra to revolumize her face.

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  • Treating Sun Damage with IPL Treatments

    A 41 year old woman suffers from sun damage including brown spots or pigmentation. Dr. Nakhla will utilize IPL to create a more even skin tone across her face. If the sun damage appears so severe that it could be a warning sign of skin cancer, learn about detection methods and our skin cancer treatment.

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  • Lip Enhancement Using Juvederm Injections

    Dr. Nakhla performs lip rejuvenation using Juvederm injections to give more of an outline on her upper lip, redefine the upper lip columns and evert the lip.

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  • Treatment of Smile Lines using Radiesse

    A 33 year old woman seeks treatment for smile lines with make her appear older. Dr. Nakhla uses Radiesse to diminish the visibility of these lines and regain a more youthful appearance.

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  • Radiesse to Reduce Smile Lines & Forehead Wrinkles

    Dr. Nakhla performs facial/wrinkle rejuvenation using Radiesse and Botox injections to create a natural and youthful look.

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  • Treatment for Laugh Lines and Smile Lines using Radiesse

    Dr. Nakhla performs filler treatment for smile and laugh lines using Radiesse injections.

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  • Male Filler Injection Treatment using Radiesse

    Dr. Nakhla performs male facial rejuvenation using Radiesse injections to give more volume in the cheeks.

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  • Sclerotherapy Treatment for the Removal of Varicose Veins

    42 year old female patient suffers for relatively extensive spider veins on her legs.

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